M. Alexon Balangue

WebMaster - System/Network data-computer - Internet - Marketing - Office


With social networks and risks of multitudes of false profiles, I have created my personal website against digital identity theft and both real.

I do with the way the board and thought ...

The independence that told me all type of project, geek since my website more constructive, imaginative to break the simplistic originality, to provide services to my self-taught skills and see. With the digital evolution research I found no problems after being as competitive as possible at a fair price or give benefit to all budget.


Future evolution roadmap


It's always the passions of developing or creating websites under any forms of methodology since 2009, with the digital evolution.

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All development projects created independently are totally free compatible under Framework, CMS and or in FullStack PHP7 to days for all.
Do not forget mentioned software copyrights.


Bring ideas with several ambitions more innovative, reflects, to find one of the solutions chooses the simplest and recycle these solutions by improving my algometry with practice.

Look at something else you need and with different themes.

Project 2:

Learn, live, find information and help businesses evolve in their environment.

Project 3

Be more creative, do it your own way and share with ideas that you can produce.




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